Monthly Recurring ~ Giving Great Futures

Monthly Recurring ~ Giving Great Futures

About This Campaign

The Great Futures for Kids Program (GFK). This foundational program assures all youth and teens ages 5 to 18 throughout the East Valley have access to the full array of Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley (BGCEV) services designed to build the strength of character and good citizenship, promote healthy lifestyles and achieve academic success in a fun environment. Our legacy After School programs gives youth and teens a safe place to learn and enjoy, with daily sessions such as:
• Power Hour (homework help),
• STEM (computer labs/programming,
• Robotics, math games, hydroponics, science projects),
• Games (pool, foosball, ping pong, board games),
• Arts (drawing, painting, performance arts, movie making,
and music production)
• and lots of gym/outdoor time for excess energy.

Teens enjoy their own centers with special programming such Leaders in Training, Keystone and Torch Clubs, and Youth of the Year to build skills and prepare an individualized plan for each teen’s future.

In addition, we provide Summer Day Camp and Youth Sports programming. Another imperative component is the provision of healthy snacks and meals as we work to prevent our children from going hungry.

These youth development programs a delivered in our own facility-based Clubs by paid full and part-time staff, supported by volunteers. Essentially, we are open when school is not, ensuring that every child has access to a safe, fun, place where they feel they belong.

The Significance or Uniqueness of our Service and Programs

Certainly a key differentiator for BGCEV is our reach, both geographically and in the number of youth and teens we serve. BGCEV has eleven (11) club branches in the East Valley, including Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert, Guadalupe, Mesa, Stevenson (East Mesa), Tempe, North Tempe, Queen Creek, Gila River Sacaton and Gila River Komatke. Our Clubhouses are located in communities and neighborhoods with a significant need for safe and positive out of school time programs. Beyond our 10,560 registered members, we served over 35,000 additional young people through outreach programs.

A meaningful area of uniqueness is our focused Culture of Inclusion and Equity, which is the root of our affordability imperative. We want never to turn a child away! The need is great with 86% of our members at or below the poverty level. The GFK program provides fee waivers for those who do not have the means to pay and our low monthly rates (under $50 per month) enable affordability for those who can. We also value the diversity for our youth and teens (75% of members belong to a minority group and over 40% living in a single parent household), believing that they will be best equipped to achieve success and to lead the future of America having grown, worked and learned side by side with those from varied backgrounds, ethnicities, capabilities and means.

A foundational difference is our approach to Youth Development. Essentially, we are open when school is not, ensuring that every child has access to a safe, fun, place where they feel they belong. Our programs are delivered in our own facility-based Clubs, located in areas where we are most needed. Recognizing that positive, caring adult relationships are key we employee both full and part time staff who are reinforced by volunteers. We benefit from the support of our over 150-year-old national organization, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). Their investment in developing strong, evidence-based programs, activities and measures, providing training and development for our team and guiding us to achieve best-practice is a foundational resource of innumerable value.

Perhaps the most significant difference is in our outcomes. BGCEV members who attend regularly have a 91% graduation rate compared to an Arizona average of 73% and 93% expect to complete high school on time. Our members demonstrate strong performance related to risk factors, with over 90% reporting they abstain from drinking and smoking cigarettes.

BCGEV has been one of only two clubs in the nation with the distinction of having its mentoring/leadership programs enabling two national Boys and Girls Clubs of America Youth of the Year winners, one of whom came to us when she was homeless and is now completing her doctorate degree!

Other Opportunities available for Support
Dedicated local volunteers are a key element to the success of our programs.

Corporate volunteers are a primary component of our youth development delivery model. The opportunities are endless, and can be aligned to the volunteer’s interest and available time commitment. Many enjoy direct one on one mentoring and serve as Academic Success or Youth of the Year mentors and/or STEM education leaders. Others prefer coaching teams in our sports leagues. Some like to help organize activities and teach something they love, such as cooking, gardening or their special hobby.

There are also many opportunities for team-building activities with groups of volunteers. Serving at one of our Thanksgiving dinners (last year we served x dinners and x people), refinishing or refurbishing a computer, game or art room, stuffing back-packs or supporting a specific family at the holidays; the possibilities are endless. We welcome your creativity to build activities/events to ensure a great experience for volunteers while serving our youth and teens.

The cost of a membership at BGCEV is $30 per year program cost for each youth/teen per year is approximately $600. X % of members receive fee waivers.

Outcomes and Impact through Community Partnership

The most direct outcome we expect is to add between 500 and 1000 youth/teens into our programs through your support of membership fees and increasing the number of employee’s children who join the Club in their area. We expect to expand the reach with more teens achieving our current outcomes for our regularly attending members:
• 91% graduation rate compared to an Arizona average of 73%
• 93% expect to complete high school on time
• Over 90% reporting they abstain from drinking and smoking cigarettes

Ultimately, as we move into the Great Futures 2025 initiative, we expect the outcome of the partnership between Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley, along with City of Mesa and all our sponsors, to have a greater impact, a TRANSFORMATIONAL impact, on our youth and teens at the very time America and our community most needs us to do so. By restoring the foundational tenets of equality and opportunity-a belief that all young people deserve an equal chance at success and the American Dream-and implementing proven, evidenced-based programs, our youth and teens will have strength of character, be good citizens, earn academic success and live healthy lifestyles. Just the kind of people who can become the next generation.

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 2602 W Baseline Rd, Suite 25
  • Mesa, AZ 85202
  • USA
  • Time:
  • Dec 19, 2018 12:00 am to
  • Jan 01, 2019 12:00 am
Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley

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We are a community-based, character building, youth development organization. We deliver the highest quality programs and provide opportunities to assist youth and teens in developing their self esteem, values and skills in a safe and fun environment. Our professionals guide members through personal, educational and social development to realize their full potential and become positive, value-oriented and productive citizens.


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